Mail-O-Graph Begins

Mail-O-Graph Begins

On January 31, 2015

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Mail-O-Graph Tournament

This tournament runs during the month of February during regular league bowling. It is open to
all adults in the province without having to leave their center or their league. Scores are bowled
during league play anytime within the four week window.

Division One: 150 and Under
Division Two: 151 to 174
Division Three: 175 and over

Cost is only $5.00 and must be paid before the completion of the third frame. We ask the league
secretary or a volunteer to collect the fees and verify the scores which are then sent to the
Provincial office where they are compiled with all other entrants through out the province.
Prize money will be distributed within 60 days of the completion of the tournament.
We appreciate any assistance we receive to promote this fun, inexpensive way to compete
throughout the Province.