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Good Evening,

As you are aware there has been a lot of confusion surrounding PHOs for the Fraser and Vancouver Coastal Health Regions put in place on Saturday.  The updates provided on Sunday that were meant to clarify in fact had the opposite effect and muddy the waters further.  At the request of many member centres as well as bowlers, and after a great deal of discussion, Bowl BC sought answers to the questions of whether or not League Bowling could proceed during the noted two week period.  The answer was a flat out no to league bowling based on the fact that most league players play with people outside of their "household" and that we should check with local health officers regarding Open Play.  After hearing Dr Bonnie Henry's announcement Monday as she attempted to clarify the orders verbally, she stated that going curling is ok. Bowl BC once again sought answers to the questions of whether or not bowling can proceed and in what capacity because of course we feel that if curling can go on bowling should too.

The response this time from Dr Bonnie Henry's office was slightly different in that it is agreed that Bowling, as a non-contact indoor sport can proceed with proper distancing.  The aspect of the initial response, that served as the catalyst to suspending league play, namely that businesses and individuals have been ordered to reduce social interactions has not.  People in these health regions have essential been put on "lockdown" within their own household group or core bubble.

If you live in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley, you can only socialize with those in your immediate household. No gatherings or household visitors are allowed.

League bowling in the vast majority of cases is done with people outside of ones own households / core bubble. Maintaining distance person to person as opposed to team to team is problematic depending on the size of the league and the number of teams even in spaces as large as ours.

Therefore it is our recommendation to all centres in the Fraser and Vancouver Coastal Health Regions to uphold the suspension of league play until the current orders expire at Noon on November 23. We feel enticing customers to breach the orders and interact socially with people outside of their core bubbles is irresponsible. Frankly if these orders are not carried out and covid numbers do not decrease, not only will these orders be extended they will expanded and could include a full scale shutdown.  Open play in "Core Bubbles" is still allowed and these two league weeks can be made up at a later date provided we can remain open. As has been repeated over and over, it's not forever it’s for now.

Let's build the reputation that Bowling as an industry is doing all that we can, even going above and beyond to keep our staff, customers, and communities safe.

Tammy Marino

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